Dear Danny,

This is my first blog post ever, but it is also a letter to you. I’m writing to tell you that our relationship for the past 10 years has been very special. You have made me about as happy as any fan could ask to be, but that doesn’t mean that we haven’t had our ups and downs. Everyone acts now like you are a genius for where the Celtics are, but if we’re being honest, I remember exactly how that day went down on June 27, 2013. I remember exactly how mad every Celtics blogger that I followed on Twitter was. I remember the winners and losers columns. I remember the outrage.

‚ÄúToday, the basketball gods smiled on the Nets,” said Nets Principal Owner Mikhail Prokhorov

That quote has stayed with me from the time it came out. Yet oh how wrong he was. Nearly 4 years later, there is an obvious winner in that trade, and it was you. The Nets are the worst team in basketball with two picks left to give, which will not be in the mid to high 20’s as Mikhail expected. You signed a coach worth far more than Doc, and have a team contending for the top seed in the East, which nobody expected. There’s even money for a max contract this offseason, along with a 25% chance at the #1 pick in the draft. All is well in Celts land. Everyone is happy. We should all be praising you, and screaming at every single NBA pundit to make you GM of the Year for the next five years. You’re the Wizard of TD Garden, and you helped Isaiah find his courage, Jae his heart, and Avery his knowledge. You, Danny, are the man. You are a legend. Yet why do I still doubt you?

I’ve narrowed down 4 primary reasons why I’m actually fearful of what is to come.

Draft History
Free Agency



Draft History

If I look at this Celts roster of drafted guys, I feel great. Jaylen Brown has actual star potential, and if anything will be a solid rotation player. Avery Bradley is one of the most underrated players in the league. Marcus Smart is my favorite basketball player on the planet. Kelly O does his job, and is exactly what we expected him to be. Rozier is decent. Not to mention stashes like Yabu and Zizic are gaining all kinds of hype.

Beyond that though, it’s hard to ignore the bad.CzsDGVQVEAA8mim

Who the hell is JR Giddens?


Free Agency

You have enough money to sign a max player this offseason, and this will only apply this offseason, for reasons to be said soon enough. The free agency class of 2017, however, is as weak as Drake’s new album (Let’s be real, it sucked). Let’s go through the top 10, and what I believe their chances of leaving are.

Kevin Durant – 5% – As fun as him leaving would be, he has no choice
Stephen Curry – 0% – Nope
Blake Griffin – 25% – Not only did they not even think about trading him, but he’s good at commercials, lives in LA, has a good team. Why leave?
Chris Paul – 25% – Ditto, barring banana boat
Gordon Hayward – 25% – I truly want to make it higher, but Sporting News has him pegged at making 182 million next offseason if he stays, vs 130 mil if he bolts. 50 million dollars is a good reason to stay. Also, his team is good. Why leave?
Kyle Lowry – 0% – Nope
Paul Millsap – 90% – Also 90% he won’t be a Celtic
Jrue Holiday – 50% – Could honestly see him retiring young soon. He should go get PAID by a bad team or small market team.
Danilo Gallinari – 50% – It would be so Nuggets to re-sign him. Also, they didn’t trade him.
George Hill – 75% – No joke he will be a prized possession this offseason. PAID more than Jrue.
Odds are not in your favor Danny, unless you know something I don’t.



Isaiah, AB, Marcus. All FA. All the same year.

You’re keeping Isaiah. It may not even be the right choice, but you have no choice. He wants the Brinks truck. Max money. Let’s just guess 5 years 186 million. Not underrated now. Move on to AB with his 4 years 64 mil value and Marcus with his 4 year 64 mil value and combined with Horford/Jae/Jaylen/Brooklyn2017/FA2017 omg we’re out of money a while ago.

They probably won’t sign Marcus, and I’ll cry. RIP Cobra.



Hot Take Alert. Roasting hot take. Spicy crawfish. Fire Sauce. Lava. The core. The sun. The hottest of takes.

The Brooklyn trade was pure luck.

Don’t for a second tell me you knew the Celts won that trade. The Celts were declining and the fans were upset there was no plan. That trade wasn’t even a plan. It was a fear trade. It was Danny admitting he had to do something soon. That’s not the crazy part though. Brooklyn’s decline is the story. Deron Williams was a top 3 point guard from 2009-2011. Joe Johnson is a 7 time NBA All Star. Trust me, he knows. Brook Lopez was a stud. Let’s throw The Truth, The Jet, and The Big Ticket to that very good Nets team. I only played with that team on 2k that first year and I never lost with them and I sucked. How on God’s green earth were they not good? How insane is it that literally every single player on that team outside of Brook Lopez began their steep decline the exact same year? Prokhorov (and secretly the rest of us) didn’t expect it to happen for like at least 3-4 years later. Deron Williams wasn’t even old! The man just fell off. Shaun Livingston literally saved that team. Shaun Livingston!! Stop telling me the Kings are the worst organization in the NBA. The Nets don’t have anything to tank for and can’t win!

My point in all of this Danny, is that I’m scared. The future is bright, but it’s also unclear. What if the Celtics don’t land a top 2 pick? I love Kelly but what if that’s Danny’s prized free agent this summer? Even the affinity for Isaiah scares me, but I’ll write you about that later. Please Danny, I know what to do, but it isn’t the right thing to do. I know we need to be patient, but 2018 is very soon. I don’t know what you’ll do, and I don’t even necessarily trust you, but I hope you do the right thing.

Best Wishes,