On the Celtics losing 100-103 to the Milwaukee Bucks


1. Celtics frontcourt lost that game 

Seriously, let’s compare

  • Isaiah +16
  • Avery +16
  • Smart +0
  • Rozier -1
  • Amir -6
  • Al -8
  • Kelly -16

Not ideal

2. Greg Monroe: Known Celtics killer 

It doesn’t stop. It won’t ever stop. I’m tired of it.

3. Isaiah’s +\- reversal

4. Marcus vs Giannis 

Cobra. I honestly felt like Marcus handled him pretty well. The flagrant foul was okay in my book, but other than that, the offensive boards and hustle plays were all advantage Marcus.

5. 2 seed

Celts now lose the tiebreaker but being down in the loss column is the true hurt. Have to hope the Cavs slip up now.