1. Morgan William is a stud. All hail Mississippi State.
This has nothing to do with Celts, but GIVE HER A STATUE! Last year I watched MSU Women’s Basketball lose by 60 to UCONN in the Sweet 16. This year they hit a buzzer beater in the Final Four in OT to beat the same team that’s won their last 111 games. Victoria Vivians is MSU’s best player by a mile and she fouled out before OT! Lil Bit is immortalized now, especially after her flawless Elite Eight performance. Give her a statue. I’m alumni. I’ll help pay.

2. Celtics are back in first

Cleveland has gone 1-1 the past 2 days and had the unfortunate task of playing the TNT Bulls, aka God’s Team. Celts have gone 1-0 in that stretch, after just narrowly beating a below average Magic team last night. Math says Celts are now up half a game, taking sole possession of first place in the East. Cleveland still has one more game than the Celts to play and will likely own the tiebreaker no matter what, but this may all come down to who wins the Cavs-Celts game on April 5.

3. Isaiah is getting big points again

Last 4 games 35, 32, 30, 34. He did this a ton right before the All Star break and right after then slowed down. I like big buckets Isaiah because then other teams focus on him so much and Brad goes full coach mode. Good luck with that.

4. Free Throws

Celts shot 29 of 34 at the line for 85.3% at the line last night. They are now shooting .813 for the season. That’s tops in the NBA by a decent amount. Comparatively, Celeveland is shooting .745 at the line this season. Celts average 23 FT a game and make 18.7 a game. Lets just say they shot .745, they’re only making 17.1 a game. That’s 131 points added just this season for being able to kick butt at free throws. 

5. Tweet of the Night