1. Paul George is still there
Just check this out.


Paul George went 43-9-9 last night in an epic OT thriller with the Cavs. Granted, Lebron went off for 41-16-11, but that’s Lebron.  Paul George does a disappearing act a lot lately and for a guy with more skill than Jimmy Butler, a whole lot of people would rather have Jimmy Butler. I love Buckets, but I’m team PG. He shoots well and Brad could make him work, and in big games he has the SAUCE. 2018 Brooklyn pick is all yours, Indy. Start fresh with Michael Porter JR.

2. I said “Thata boy, Jaylen!” 5 times last night

Celts defeated the New York Knickerstinkers 110-94 last night, and Jaylen Brown was awesome. I think 5 “Thata boy Jaylen!” shouts ties the record, and oh boy was he great. It may have been the Knicks, but Jaylen shows stuff. This is all after Brad yanks him in just over a minute into the game. He had 16 points on 6 shots including this beauty.

Thata boy Jaylen

3. Isaiah gets his 14th technical

Isaiah needs to chill out. I swear if he gets 16 come playoff time I might turn on him. Him getting suspended would be a detriment to the team. To get one last night in a blowout never needs to happen. Calm down, little guy.

4. Still 1st

It was almost by a whole game thanks to Indy, but a half game will have to do. Anyway, Cavs play Tuesday against the Magic and then play at Boston for likely the 1 seed crown. I will not be surprised one bit if Cavs rest their starters in Boston and just take the 2 seed. They’re a resting team, and losing in TD Garden with starters wouldn’t help their mindset anyway. They’re like Jalen Rose, thinking playoffs is when they can flip their switch. We shall see.  Also, stop winning, Brooklyn.

5. Tweet of the night