On the Celtics 91-114 and 116-123 losses to the Cavs and Hawks, respectively

1. 2 Seed! 

The 1 seed is only a 5% possibility now according to ESPN’s BPI. Also, with 3 games left, it’s pretty much unattainable for the Raps or Wiz to pass the Celts up. Calling the 2 seed is as close to a sure thing as there is.

2. Marcus saved the season last night 

Marcus Smart just came off one of his worst performances ever against the Cavs. In fact, his performance since the All Star break has been absolutely awful. His shot selection was that of a 13 year old Kobe fan, and as much as I hate hearing this, he hasn’t been…. Smart.  Then the Hawks start pounding the sad Celts, and it felt as if all hope for the season was lost. Then Marcus Smart happened. It was the first time in NBA history someone had 7 assists, 6 steals, 5 threes, and 2 blocks in a game. He also added 18 points and 4 rebounds. The man literally does it all. More importantly, he brought the fight. When the Celts were down big, he helped bring them back. They may not have won the game, but they may have lost the season if Marcus didn’t show them who they really were.

3. Cavs switch

If anything, the Atlanta game showed that 2 nights ago was more about the Celts playing poorly then the Cavs so called “on switch.” I’m still not sold on Cleveland. I think Bos-Was-Tor can beat them in a series. Am I sold on Boston? Heck no. But am I sold on Cleveland? Not so much either.

4. We need a big

I know that the Celts have max Gordon Hayward money and can also draft a franchise guard this season, but neither of those are true needs. Rebounding and interior D is a need. Yabu and Zizic are our only hope, and I pray that either of them pan out to be what they can be. Next year will be the year. In my opinion, next year will be the best chance they’ll have for the next 10 years. We shall see.

5. Tweet of the Night

And it was glorious