1. The Land

Atlanta and Miami, teams I’ve just never come to like that much, gave me reason to change my mind. After the Hawks came back from 26 down to STUN the 1 seed Cavs 125-126, in which Kyrie and Lebron played a combined 92 minutes, the Cavs rested their top 2 and got beat in OT 121-124 by Miami. That’s three straight Ls for the Cavs and don’t tell me they weren’t trying. Cavs-Raps semis could be very, very good. Better find that switch, Land.

2. 1 Seed

We’re back! 5 nights ago ESPN’s Five Thirty Eight gave them a 5% chance of being the 1 seed after Cleveland took the tiebreaker and a one game lead. The Land then lost their switch and lost three straight. It’s now 85%. Celts and Cavs both have one game left against the Raptors and Bucks, respectively. The Raps in no way, shape, or form want to win their game. They’re stuck in the 3 seed and don’t want to play Bron in the conference ┬ásemis. Boston will have to beat a Bucks team that is kind of playing for something if they want home court for the whole East.

3. The Celtics beat the Nets 114-105

Oh yeah, the Celts played last night. This game is particularly awesome because it was against the best gift givers in the NBA. AB, Al, and Jae were all fantastic, but one thing that I definitely noticed was confident Kelly. Confident Kelly is my favorite player on the Celtics. He shoots lights out, hardly ever pump fakes, plays solid D, and looks like a Canadian rapper version of Dirk. He only shows up from time to time, but he came over for a little bit last night. Confident KO is magical. He rides a unicorn, and fends off the enemy. Here is a pic of the rare confident KO.

Stay gold, Ponyboy

4. Isaiah Thomas for MVP (5th Place)

This is the first year I’ve seen where a guy having a season like IT might not even be top 5 in MVP voting. He’s a top 3 scorer in the NBA. Yes statistically the best 4th quarter scorer ever. He led his team of role players to the 1 seed. He is 5’9. He was the last pick in the draft. HE IS A STUD. Yet all time great seasons from Brodie, Beard, Klaw, and Bron won’t let him get there. Freak and Wall might not even let him get 5th! I think Isaiah has done more than enough to be Top 5, and although that isn’t something you get an award for, it’s kind of at least a small deal (see what I did there) this year.

5. Tweet of the Night

5th Place!!