The 2017 Nets pick is one of the most valuable assets in the NBA right now. It will most likely be a Top 3 pick in one of the more loaded drafts we’ve seen the past few years. The only problem is that the top 2 prospects, Markelle Fultz and Lonzo Ball, are both natural point guards.

Isaiah Thomas is a stud. Don’t let anyone tell you different. He also changed the Millennial C’s into at least somewhat of a championship caliber team. He isn’t going anywhere. I know that a lot of you out there think that Ball or Fultz could wind up being better than him, and you may be right, but they will need minutes and growth, which won’t happen with ball dominant Isaiah in town.

The Celtics best option is to hope the pick is top 2 and trade it. What they do need is a starting PF/C (Al Horford can play either). Jimmy Butler and Paul George are special players. They are both excellent at either the 2 or the 3. Jae Crowder is a fan favorite and Jaylen Brown may honestly be 3 years away from being Butler. Would the Celtics want those guys? Heck yes. Do they need them? No. They need a different type of player. They need a big man. The only problem is that outside of Blake Griffin, who I don’t see leaving, there aren’t any good ones available. Or are there?

Enter Kistaps Porzingis.

Per the New York Post, KP skipped his exit meeting with Knicks General Manager Steve Mills and President Phil Jackson. This comes right after Jackson threw FIRE FLAMING SHOTS at Carmelo Anthony by questioning his ability to run the triangle offense and then claiming it would be best if Melo is traded. After some social media trades, there is now speculation (by me) that Kristaps could be on the move as well.

Hey Celtics, let’s do this. Porzingis is a Latvian unicorn that would thrive with the Celtics. He averages 28-11-2-1-3 per 100 possessions, but it’s so much more than that. He’s a 7’1-7’3 (seriously, I don’t think anybody knows) PF/C that can shoot well, defend well, and oh yeah, is only in his second year in the league! His advanced metrics won’t wow you. He only has .100 WS/48, 1.2 VORP, and 17.4 PER. He does have star potential though, and that can be seen. In my mind, the only question is how much would it take to get him. What would the trade even look like?

My guess:

C’s receive: Porzingis

Knicks receive: Terry Rozier, Demetrius Jackson, Rights to Ante Zizic and Abdul Nader, 2017 Nets Pick

Danny AingĀ is good at winning trades, but I think this would help everyone. Zizic would be a top 10 pick in this draft and the Nets pick would be something they can build off of. Rozier is no scrub, and Demetrius Jackson would probably be waived or sent to the D League. Abdul Nader also just won ROY for the D League. This trade could very well wind up being one the Knicks could win. I’ll take my chances, though.

PS. We would never do this, KP.