All-Rookie First Team


G: Malcolm Brogdon

G: Buddy Hield

F: Dario Saric

C: Willy Hernangomez

C: Joel Embiid

Are these the 5 best rookies? Nope. Simmons, Ingram, Murray, Brown, and Maker will catch up. Also two of these guys aren’t even real rookies. But are these the 5 best classified rookies from the 2016-2017 season? Yep.




All-Rookie Second Team


G: Jamal Murray

G: Rodney McGruder

F: Jaylen Brown

F: Caris LeVert

F: Brandon Ingram

This rookie class wasn’t poor, but it was unfortunate, and weird. Your 3 pick with star potential goes to the East #1 Seed. Your 2 pick goes to a rebuilding team made up of guys that absolutely hate passing and love shooting. Your 1 pick gets hurt and doesn’t play. Murray is kind of in the same situation as Ingram. McGruder and LeVert are kind of  “S/O to you for being able to play in the NBA and not suck,” submissions. Weird rookie year.




First Team All-Defense


G: Chris Paul

G: Andre Roberson

F: Kawhi Leonard

F: Draymond Green

C: Rudy Gobert

All-Defense was tough. The most unheralded player of our generation, Chris Paul, is quite simply a ferocious dog on defense. Kawhi and Green are already heralded for their work and rightly so. Andre Roberson was my tough pick. I think Danny Green may get this spot, but there has been no better defending guard/forward I’ve seen than Andre Roberson. You CAN NOT avoid giving him this award because he play O worse than I do. His D is that good. Also Gobert is my DPOY, so yeah he makes the list.



Second Team All-Defense


G: Patrick Beverly

G: Marcus Smart

F: Robert Covington

F: Paul Millsap

C: Anthony Davis

Like I said before, I think Danny Green gets a First Team spot. Bev should be a Second Team lock. Avery Bradley may come and get that other guard spot if Roberson becomes a forward. Whatever though. Who cares? This isn’t the actual list. I’ve seen nearly every Celtics game this year. Avery Bradley is such a good defender. His footwork is so clean. He stays in front of his man. He rebounds. He’s awesome. He’s also not the best defender on his team.

Marcus Smart is the NBA defender we’ve all been waiting for. This dude does f@$%#* everything. He’s also f@#$%#* crazy. He is probably too strong for the ox comparison, yet he takes charges and can even flop with such grace. He sacrifices everything on the court. I’d go to war for Marcus Smart, and yet his offense is putrid. He makes my list.




First Team All-NBA


G: Russell Westbrook

G: James Harden

F: Lebron James

F: Kawhi Leonard

C: Rudy Gobert

This may be the easiest submission of them all with the exception of the center position. I think that it will come down to Rudy or Anthony Davis, but seeing as Anthony is, should be, and will be a true power forward, I’m going with Rudy. He has been amazing and impactful all year, unlike this Rudy. Averaging 14-13 is impressive, but not truly elite. His efficiency and defense make up for it. He also has .250 WS/48, which is absolutely astounding.




Second Team All-NBA


G: Stephen Curry

G: Isaiah Thomas

F: Kevin Durant

F: Giannis Antetokounmpo

C: Anthony Davis

This is almost too easy. I flip flopped AD and Rudy Gobert a bit but other than that, I don’t see any true battles on this list. The top 4 separated themselves from a handful of guys normally having MVP years.




Third Team All-NBA


G: John Wall

G: Demar Derozan

F: Jimmy Butler

F: Gordon Hayward

C: Hassan Whiteside

I truly believe John Wall and Jimmy Butler are set in these spots. If playoffs counted then John could maybe have jumped to 2nd team, but well, they don’t.

Demar Derozan takes my 2nd guard spot (lucky for him playoffs don’t count) over Chris Paul, Damien Lilliard, and Kyle Lowry. Demar’s only fault is his inability to shoot 3s, and I refuse to let that hold him back. In fact, it makes what he did even more impressive to me. He is basically Batman. While the rest of the league has 3 point superpowers, he beats his enemies using his utility belt of close range weapons and a super high IQ. I love his game, and he deserves to be above those other guys (this year).

Check out these Per 100 Possessions numbers and tell me who you choose:

  1. Per 100 poss  33-9-5-2-1          50%-39%-89%     109 ORtg     108 DRtg     .128 WS/48
  2. Per 100 poss  34-8-5-2-1          51%-40%-84%     118 ORtg     106 DRtg     .199 WS/48
  3. Per 100 poss  15-12-10-3-2      49%-31%-71%     111 ORtg      99 DRTg     .160 WS/48

You know who 3 is. He has ‘fun’ numbers but he’s the 4th best player on his team. You also hate him because he’s cocky and yes, dirty. You don’t pick him. You pick 2, every time. You pick Gordon Hayward. Sorry Pacers, Paul George is really out of there, now.

Hassan Whiteside vs Marc Gasol vs KAT is interesting. I’m fine with any. I think voters will go with the only one in his prime.