1. Avery Bradley – Minority Owner of Quicken Loans Arena

*How fitting is this picture since Cavs came out to the Monstars theme?

Look, the Celtics will still probably lose in 5, but don’t let it become a close game at Quicken Loans Arena or Avery Bradley will straight up make you pay.  He did this 15 months ago, and he’s doing it again now. It’s not just the game winning shots though. He ate up Kyrie Irving on multiple plays and never backed down from him for a second. He was everywhere. Sure, he only shot 7-21, but his impact was second only to my favorite current Celtics player.


2. Marcus Smart

My son. This man right here has more heart than anyone I’ve seen outside of KG (Good Lord I wish they could have played together). When Marcus shoots horribly, I and the rest of Celtics faithful still defend him to the death and explain that he is extremely valuable. When he shoots 7-10 from 3, there is no defending him, literally. These weren’t just open 3s too, he was taking absolutely DUMB shots. 


Marcus won’t shoot like that again maybe ever, but in some type of way, he makes winning plays. I’d go to war for that man.


3. Jerebko the Goon

Jerebko is an athletic 4 that can shoot. Why he doesn’t play more I do not know. Be that as it may, the Swedish Larry Bird went full Goon mode last night on Kevin Love and I loved it. The Celtics will absolutely not win games against the Cavs if it is just “Who is better at basketball?” They have to win the mental edge and play with grit and heart. Even though it was after an actual foul, Jerebko sonned Kevin Love by making fun of his flopping skills and berating him with inappropriate words and phrases over what may as well have been Love’s corpse. It sure got me fired up.


4. IT Controversy

I think we all saw this coming into the game. The IT haters now all think that because his defense is so bad, the Celtics are better without him. Shut your unjustified vacuous mouths. Would trading him be a smart idea? Maybe. Are they better without him? No.


The Rockets straight lit up the Spurs game 1 of their series and then with no Kawhi the Spurs straight up lit up the Rockets. Are the Spurs better without Kawhi? I didn’t think so. If Lebron plays like this when Isaiah is at full strength, the Celtics win by a little more than 3.


5. Tweet of the Night

Windhorst tweeted part of this story so I’m counting this as a tweet. This is flat out awesome. “The Heckler From Hiram” is my new favorite story ever.