The Real Stars of the Show


9. Johnny “Drama” Chase

Portrayed By: Kevin Dillon

Show: Entourage

Why him: Drama may be the funniest character I’ve ever seen. He’s super loyal to his movie star brother, Vince, but he also remains as self centered as he could possibly be. The combination of the two combined with his awful yet hilarious social skills makes for a fantastic character. “VICTORY!”

Worthy of a spin off: Johnny’s Bananas not enough? Then sure. It would probably be terrible, but I’d watch every minute of it.

8. Steve Harrington

Portrayed By: Joe Keery

Show: Stranger Things

Why him: Slight nod to Dustin, Eleven, and Nancy, but Steve is one of my favorite characters ever. He is the epitome of 80’s teenage villain. He’s everything that Stan Gable in Revenge of the Nerds should have been. I want Joe Keery to go the Billy Zabka route but with a future as well.

Worthy of a spin off: No way. Doesn’t mean he isn’t awesome.

7. Hugo “Hurley” Reyes

Portrayed By: Jorge Garcia

Show: Lost

Why him: Hurley was the only nice guy as well as the only guy without an agenda. He cared about his numbers a little too much that it drove him into an insane asylum, but he was the most lovable guy on the show. His backstory was one of the best on Lost, and that alone was a main reason why he was so watchable.

Worthy of a spin off: Based on the ending it would be impossible, but a prequel of young Hugo would be fantastic.

6. Norm Peterson

Portrayed By: George Wendt

Show: Cheers

Why him: Cheers was such a fantastic show. I watched all of it. It also had a lot of crappy characters. Same and Diane’s “Will they, won’t they,” was more agonizing to watch then Rachel and Ross. Frasier kind of annoyed me, and they didn’t utilize Woody Boyd enough like they could have. Sure, Coach and Cliff weren’t bad, but big reason why I like the show was the small, snide remarks by Norm. He was the glue.

Worthy of a spin off: Nope, but worthy of being in Frasier a lot more.

5. Tig Trager

Portrayed By: Kim Coates

Show: Sons of Anarchy

Why him: Tig was absolutely disgusting and repulsive. I loved him. He was an alcoholic, a druggy, and THE WORST FATHER EVER. He went through so many women he moved on to… something else (not men). Still loved him. He held the group together while still being loyal. He had a fun personality as well. Everybody has a friend like Tig.

Worthy of a spin off: Yes

4. Tormund Giantsbane

Portrayed By: Kristofer Hivju

Show: Game of Thrones

Why him: There are so many GoT characters to choose from. Tyrion is the clear choice but he’s become too big of a character. Margaery was my other choice but well.. that can’t happen anymore. Same with Ramsey. Tormund is the best though. The dude went full Jon Snow loyalty mode after trying to kill him for 2 years, and he is arguably Jon’s most valuable advisor. Also when Tormund gave Brienne the eyes I knew he was my favorite on the show.

Worthy of a spin off: If he can make it that far, yes.

3. Omar Little

Portrayed By: Michael K. Williams

Show: The Wire

Why him: This is probably the biggest reach in terms of the word “minor” because of how big and how much of a legend Omar turned out to be. He has a little bit of Tig in him, but combined with some Stringer Bell and Ari Gold. The Wire is arguably the best show of all time, and Omar is a huge reason why. He’s a cult legend.

Worthy of a spin off: Impossible, except for a small prequel, which actually happened. Watch it.

2. Kevin Malone

Portrayed By: Brian Baumgartner

Show: The Office

Why him: Because outside of Jim, Pam, and maybe Creed, who else do you even root for in The Office? Kevin is the funniest character in this show and it’s not even close. He drops gallons of chili on the floor with such grace, that it was impossible not to choose him.

Worthy of a spin off: Without a doubt.

1. Hank Schraeder

Portrayed By: Dean Norris

Show: Breaking Bad

Why him: Because ASAC Schraeder is the real hero of the story. Without him, Walter doesn’t become Heisenberg. Without him, Jesse doesn’t have problems with the law. Without him, Walter doesn’t realize that he’s the real villain of the story. Without him, he can’t exactly tread lightly. ASAC Schraeder’s death did more damage to me than Dobby, Jax, Ugly Naked Guy, Ned and Rob Stark, and William put together. I cried.

Worthy of a spin off: Yes. Don’t tell me it can’t be done.