Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Paul would love to play with each other. Instead of waiting for Lebron to be a free agent in 2018, how could it happen this Summer?

Let’s look at 5 possible teams.



1. Cleveland Caveliers

melo cavs


This isn’t the easiest one in the world. The first thing they’d have to do is find out if DWade is willing to take a pay cut to be on a good team. He’s just seen what it’s like to get paid well and play on a bad team, so it’s really up to him.

Letting go of Kyrie will be seen by most as a cruel act that cannot be undone. It’s the only way, though. CP3 can’t come by himself because of money, and it would even bring in some picks for the future. In all, it may not be a bad move. Also, I think Kyrie is ready to be the main guy somewhere, as evident in his curiosity of the Shaq and Kobe situation.

The Knicks trade would be hard to pull off, but I think the two firsts alone get it done. Tristan being the man somewhere could make him worthwhile or even up his trade value. Iman gets to return home. They would have to pay up a bit because of the bad contracts.

I see no scenario in which JR Smith leaves. Him and Lebron are too close now. He’s basically the 5th wheel on the banana boat.

Paul George is the icing on the cake. The banana boat team even with it’s chemistry can just not take down the Warriors. This team with PG13 perhaps could. Both teams would have great 6th men, be it Wade or Melo for the Cavs, and absolutely horrid veteran centers. This would be a great team.




2. Los Angeles Clippers



In any of these situations the Cavs would be forced to trade Lebron because he asked them to, but is this such a bad trade even if not? Is Lebron more valuable? Heck yes. Given the hypothetical situation though, this is great for the Cavs.

Blake may sign somewhere else. In that scenario, Lebron would have to really show that he wants to leave, and the Cavs would undoubtedly be forced to trade him for something if he was just going to leave a year later. Lebron has a no trade clause so he would pick the place. Deandre Jordan isn’t a bad pickup at all.

Clips have more money than the Cavs, but they don’t have to overpay for Wade if they give him 3 years.

Lebron also gets to play for Doc in this situation. That’s intriguing because Doc was the last coach to beat him in the ECP, and has enough pedigree to not let Lebron take over coaching.





3. Los Angeles Lakers

lebron lakers



When Lebron states he will leave if not, there is no doubt in my mind that this trade gets it done. The Lakers could wait a year and do the same thing without the trade for Lebron, as some people are saying. They make think it could be hard to pass on their future, but I don’t know if their future players at the moment will be worth more ever than they are now.






4. Boston CelticsĀ 

HAHAHA both sides would never. Too much pride.










4. Boston Celtics

On second thought, the Celtics would totally put their pride away, and what would it look like?

Boston Celtics v Cleveland Cavaliers


Hey there, that was way too easy. Isaiah Thomas the best bench player Lebron could ever imagine. Jaylen Brown is still here? Rozier is still here? Who are Yabu and Zizic? Marcus Smart is everything Lebron ever wanted in a teammate. Watch out Warriors.

(Seriously, this would never happen)





5. New Orleans Pelicans?



Whooaaaa. Would the Cavs even say no to an AD for Lebron trade a year from now even without the circumstances? I like this.