“We must have standards in what we choose to appreciate.”


Calling players overrated and underrated is such a controversial thing to do. For instance, Mike Conley was generally always on the underrated scale. Same with George Hill. Now that those guys got attention for getting paid, you can immediately say goodbye to those classifications. Dak Prescott was a 4th round pick that led his team to the playoffs as a rookie, but do you think anyone right now would put him in their “Underrated” section?

I’m a huge Twitter guy. I get to see all of the time which players are currently over and undervalued. That’s my main determination for these rankings. Give thanks for Twitter, and enjoy.


5. Isaiah Thomas

IT Sad

IT finished 5th in MVP voting this year. He had one of the best offensive seasons of the last decade when it came to the combination of offensive volume and efficiency. That being said, his defense is absolutely dreadful, and voters for the MVP should have taken that into account. If the voters wanted to give somebody praise for team success, it should have been Brad Stevens, not Isaiah Thomas.


4. Andre Drummond


I’ve watched my fair share of Pistons games the last two years for some odd reason (FanDuel). My point though, is that I’ve noticed that when there’s an open defensive rebound, all of the Pistons clear out, and just let Drummond have it. Marcus Morris after all was their 4 at times and his rebound % is abysmal. My guy Zach Harper, when he worked at CBS, claimed to me when we were eating in New Orleans last year that he was the one that discovered how truly terrible for your team Andre Drummond is, despite the stats.

In Harper’s words:

Maybe this surprises people but Andre Drummond, despite his size and athleticism, is a poor rim protector. Just about every metric available paints him in that light. He doesn’t save points, he doesn’t protect the rim well, and the Pistons end up giving up more attempts in the restricted area when he’s on the floor than when he’s on the bench. Synergy has Drummond at 54 percent allowed at the rim too. Generally, he’s defending the pick-and-roll and he doesn’t show and recover to the paint all that well. Some of this could be conditioning. Some of this could be his workload on offense. Some of this could be he just needs more time under Stan Van Gundy to get better.


3. Eric Gordon

Eric Gordon

Eric Gordon can shoot really well and is what you think of when you think of your ideal 6th man, just like Jamal Crawford, Lou Williams, Nick Young, and Will Barton. That being said,

Advanced Metrics: 13.2 PER, 1.07 RPM, minus-67.75 TPA

That’s gross.

2. Kyrie Irving

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Atlanta Hawks

Ahh here we go. First let’s start this off with compliments. Kyrie Irving has the best handles I’ve ever seen. He can make hard shots better than anyone else in the NBA right now. Kyrie plays on a really good NBA team. He also has the best shoes in the game right now.

Kyrie Irving was the 11th best point guard in the NBA in the 16-17 season. Now does that mean I wouldn’t want him on my team over the other 10 guys? No way. Kyrie plays in an iso oriented offense that simply doesn’t allow him to be efficient. He also isn’t a good passer, and is statistically just as bad as Isaiah Thomas on defense, even in the playoffs. Kyrie brands well, and has skills far superior than most of the top players.

Kyrie’s record when Lebron doesn’t play and Kyrie does the last three years is 4-19. A lot of people claim Kyrie is above most of the guys solely because of what he’s done in The Finals. Be that as it may, Lebron is the only reason they got to the Finals, let alone the playoffs.


1. Andrew Wiggins

NBA: Dallas Mavericks at Minnesota Timberwolves

Andrew Wiggins statistically is awful. His OBPM is bad. His DBPM is one of the worst in the NBA. In NBA Math’s TPA he is far and away the worst defensive player in the NBA. He boasts a high usage % and an average PER. His VORP (my favorite stat) is very very bad. The Timberwolves have done a good job of making him seem better than he is by never letting him be involved in trade talks. They need to trade him for something good while they still can, or he has to get a heck of a lot better.



5. Isaiah Thomas

Isaiah Thomas

Yes, IT can be overrated and underrated. Tony Romo was both for like 10 years. Here’s the deal. Isaiah Thomas isn’t a top 5 player in the NBA, but some of you people on Twitter are wild with how bad you think he is. Everyone’s least favorite talking head, Nick Wright, said he wasn’t a top 25 player (Then could only list 24 people he thought was better). Some of you guys agree. Most of you are completely beside the idea that he might get a max contract next Summer.

Y’all wild. IT is still a super valuable player, and could get better. He’s that good offensively. He’s not top 5, but no way in the world is he outside the top 20. At least for right now.


4. Kevin Love

Kevin Love

I hate Kevin Love. I think he’s become this arrogant punk that’s just playing for rings, and doesn’t even get along that well with his teammates. He cheats his way to get rebounds and is low key a dirty player.

Kevin Love is very good. Here’s a hot take that should be a common take. Lebron doesn’t make EVERYONE better. Stars that are used to being confident and having the ball in their hands at all times suddenly becoming 2nd or 3rd fiddle on a Lebron team can still be good, but take a hit in terms of not only numbers, but efficiency. Wade, Bosh, Kyrie, and Love all took a hit. Love once was a regular top 10 player in the NBA, and I wonder if he would return to that if he were on his own team. That team wouldn’t win very much, because Kevin Love’s “Impact” is less than that of Al Horford’s. His numbers could be outlandish though. Think Demarcus Cousins now. Great numbers, bad impact.


3. Rudy Gobert


The Stifle Tower finally did get some credit this year, but not enough. No offense to Anthony Davis, but Robert was far and away the 1st Team Center. His impact is one of the best in the NBA. He’s an advanced stat god, particularly on the defensive side of the ball. Rudy isn’t flashy, but he deserved more credit.


2. Jrue Holiday


If Jrue Holiday would just stop missing games (Not his fault this year, props to Jrue) then he would be part of that elite point guard club right now. When Jrue is on, he is really on. He was an all star once before for a reason. I truly hope that Jrue has a good season and gets recognized again for how good he is, but we will see.

1. Danny Green

Miami Heat v San Antonio Spurs - Game Three

Danny Green is a career flamethrower from 3 and plays some of the best ALL-AROUND defense in the NBA, not just on-ball. His contracts is so weak it hurts me. I’m a huge Danny Green fan, and he doesn’t get enough credit in my mind. His usage % is weaker than 11 year old me, which hurts his PER, but every other advanced stat, including my beloved VORP, is in love with him. I would have done a Bradley-Crowder for Green trade, but I’m not Danny Ainge.